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Cavetone Records to Launch Record Store and
Music Venue with The Vault Arts Collective

CHARLESTON, Ill. -- Cavetone Records proudly announces its partnership with The Vault Arts Collective to open an all ages music venue and record store called the Sound Bank.

Both the venue and record store will be run by musicians and music fans for musicians and music fans and will approach the music business in an innovative and non-profit manner.

The all ages music venue will never have a cover charge while still bringing the most interesting local and national musical talent to Tuscola, Ill.. The record store will be filled with a hefty amount of curated vinyl at working class prices where 25% of every gross sale will go to paying musicians playing the venue. Any remaining profits will go to fund all other Cavetone non-profit endeavors such as Free Music Friday in Charleston as well as the recording and replication of vinyl releases.

Since 2010, The Vault has connected artists with community. Upon purchasing the two story bank in downtown Tuscola in 2013, the arts collective has become active in also connecting local music and commerce to the arts community. The introduction of the Sound Bank has elicited the support of local businesses such as Vintage Karma and gossgrfx as well as from musicians from around the Midwest.

The Vault has launched the Art Music Project (AMP) through Indiegogo to raise funds for live sound equipment, building a quality stage, and accumulating proper lighting. This 60 day fundraising drive will be the only request for funding. The reward will be multiple monthly music events open to all ages and without any admission fee.

The presence of a stage and sound reinforcement will allow the Sound Bank to feature both local and touring musical acts as well as hosting inclusive open mic nights, jam sessions, and workshops. Ultimately, this will foster a thriving music scene for the musicians of both today and tomorrow.

Three major events punctuate the beginning of the partnership at the Sound Bank. On August 15, Cavetone Records recording artists The Ex-Bombers (Dirtbag spy jazz / Beatnik punk duo) will join the Royal Son of a Guns from Chicago (Outlaw country meets acid folk) to play the official start of the fundraising campaign at the Vault. It will be no cover, open to all ages, and begin at 7 p.m.

On Saturday, September 5, Cavetone Records at the Sound Bank officially opens for business. J. Mack will come in from Louisville, Ky. for the event to spin records and the artists at The Vault will be making vinyl-based art at the event. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new record store coincides with The Vault's monthly art party. It is also open to all ages and there is no cover charge to attend.

To conclude the fundraising campaign on October 3, the Sound Bank will host The Abominable Showmen from Columbia, Mo. (Instrumental surf rock insanity) and The Cruddites from Charleston, Ill. (Blues rock with full tilt boogie). Music begins at 7 p.m., and like all future Sound Bank events, it is open to all ages and there is no charge to attend.

The Vault will gladly accept donations for the AMP campaign in both monetary form (either at Indiegogo or at The Vault) as well as in the form of any music equipment dropped off at The Vault.


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