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The Ex-Bombers to Release Second Vinyl LP
“Five Star Night” at Free Music Friday

CHARLESTON, Ill. – Many neon nights have transpired since Charleston's notorious beatnik punk duo The Ex-Bombers released “The Tightwire” LP in 2012. The sultry sounds of these neon nights run deep between the grooves of “Five Star Night.”

The pair make their highly-anticipated return to turntables with an official record release show on May 22 at Top of the Roc (410 Sixth St.) in Charleston, Ill.

The album's release occurs on Free Music Friday and features three other musical acts from Charleston, The Cruddites, Carlos Danger's Inbox, and A.M. Radio, as well as the garage rock trio from Columbia, Mo., Monte Carlos.

Drummer and vocalist Keri Cousins explained the significance of the line up and the location, “We've waited three years to be able to press a new record. We wanted to release it on a bill with all of the friends we've made during that time at our musical home in Charleston.”

As the longest running original live music showcase in Coles County, Free Music Friday has provided the location where The Ex-Bombers refined “Five Star Night.” They even shot the album cover there.

“You can't really tell with all the black and neon, but those pictures were about 50 feet away from where all of these great moments happened,” said Josh Grube, the Cavetone Records Special Project Manager.

Sonically, the album represents both the logical extension of “The Tightwire” as well as its logical departure. It spotlights the possibilities of maximum minimalism in each narcotic beat and every pulsating rhythm.

“Make no mistake, this is a pop record,” said 8-string bassist and vocalist Scott Walus, “However, this particular pop record was created by the seediest of duos, by a femme fatale and a film noir beat.”

Charleston's vinyl-only label Cavetone Records is releasing the record in two editions. The Espionage Edition has an individually stamped and numbered label and is limited to only 100 copies. The Deluxe Edition comes with a different label, insert, and bonus 7” record.

The album has no digital component, meaning that it can only be heard on a record player. “This album is really meant to be listened to as a complete piece of art. Each side tells a story in glorious mono,” said Cousins.

There is no admission charge to attend the record release show and the music begins at 9 p.m.


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