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The Ex-Bombers Return Home to Play Charleston
After Summer of Touring

CHARLESTON, Ill. – Charleston's seedy beatnik pop duo The Ex-Bombers spent the summer of 2015 touring around the United States in support of their latest vinyl-only LP on Cavetone Records, “Five Star Night.”

On Friday, August 28, they finally return home to play in Charleston at Top of the Roc at 410 6th St. as part of Free Music Friday.

Since 2010, the pair have released provocative records and toured the country, bringing a raw cabaret element to live shows and turntables alike. The uniqueness of their sound is exemplified in each sultry rhythm and narcotic melody made by the duo's contrasting vocals, 8-string octaved bass, and tom-less drum set.

In a convergent world fueled by immediate gratifications, The Ex-Bombers have rejected putting music “out there” through digital channels, opting instead for the human connection found in selling records post-live performance and through independent record stores.

Drummer and singer Keri Cousins explained the significance of returning to play Charleston, “For the last five years we've heard about how we need to start doing things in the typical way. But every time we play Charleston, and we see the crowd knowing our songs and bringing their friends, it reinforces why we do things our way.”

The band's vinyl-only release represents a radical culmination of some prevailing cultural and economic trends. According to the 2014 RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) music industry shipment and revenue statistics, only digital streaming revenue and vinyl sales increased from 2013-2014. All other forms of music revenue decreased.

While many listeners have chosen to go the ephemeral route of streaming, a growing minority are choosing the permanence found only in a record collection. Like all Cavetone Records releases, “Five Star Night” has no digital component and can only be heard on a record player.

“Our album is really meant to be listened to as a complete piece of art. Each side tells a story in glorious mono,” said 8-string bassist and singer Scott Walus, “But the live show injects the album with a theatrical feel. It is experiential, intriguing, and wonderfully temporary. The Charleston crowd always adds a new element of wonderful chaos.”

At this performance they will partner with The Spinning Chambers, who will return to the stage after a two year hiatus. Additionally, Smoke Off Vinyl will come from Chicago for a rare performance and local-favorite Ryan Noir starts the evening. There is no charge for admission and the music begins at 9:15 p.m.


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