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The Sound Bank :
Cavetone Records' Musician Owned and Operated Record Store

The Sound Bank is a musician owned and operated record store. The store's collection of vintage vinyl, stereo components, and pop music oddities is lovingly gathered and prepared by Keri Cousins and Scott Walus of The Ex-Bombers and Cavetone Records and then placed in the second floor of The Vault Arts Collective in Tuscola, IL.

From touring the United States, and visiting dozens of the best record stores in the process, the duo have brought back the best practices from the nation's top record stores. These practices include cleaning every record with a VPI machine, grading them, sleeving them, and describing them with vaguely clever descriptions from listening to every disc. This touring also results in a wide variety of records not commonly available in the area.

The store exists for those who appreciate a great record and who want to delve deeper into the amazing back catalogue of popular music's sordid past. Cousins and Walus have a unique insight into this history through running the 100% analog label Cavetone Records.

Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., the store has a constant influx of stock and Tuscola, IL is always a great day trip for: